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get WEAR with me) 하비의 첫 화이트진 코디

(instagram) ssunbiki

(비지니스 문의) imssunbiki@gmail.com
Christian Fernandes de Lima : Você é muito linda!
Weslen Oliveira : És perfeita. E que Deus me abençoe com uma mulher dessas
Tyrone Mercado : Hermosa!!!!!! nos alegras el dia.
Angel Vazquez : Hermosa como siempre.
Vanderson Silva : Mulher Linda, Perfeita!

BEST BASICS: White Sneakers - Golden Goose, Common Projects, Veja, Reebok, Adidas | Mademoiselle

BEST BASICS: White Sneakers | Today I’m *finally* sharing the first instalment of my best basics series, today focusing on sneakers! I’ve rounded up 7 sneaker styles from Reebok, Adidas, Common Projects, Everlane, FRANKiE4, Golden Goose and Veja and I’m talking through whether they’re worth the money. You’ll see a lot of similar ratings, which proves that you don’t need to spend loads to get a great sneaker - it’s all what you’re looking for. Everything featured is linked below! x

BLOG: http://www.mademois-elle.com
INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/mademoisellejaime
PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/mademoisellejaime/
EMAIL: jamielee@mademois-elle.com

SHOP MY EVERLANE EDIT: http://bit.ly/2oSb8DV

SHOP MY WARDROBE: https://www.depop.com/mademoisellejaime/

Clare Press Wardrobe Crisis Veja Podcast: https://thewardrobecrisis.com/podcast/2018/6/9/podcast-ep-38-veja
Rose Anvil’s Common Projects Sneakers Review Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnZSyDaTwZs
Spring Court sneakers: https://bit.ly/37kSFn9 (AU)

++ VEJA SNEAKERS (size EU40): https://bit.ly/2EASKFh OR https://bit.ly/2UJ437u
Everlane black air tee: https://bit.ly/36kL1a9
Realisation Par leopard skirt: https://realisationpar.com/the-naomi-wild-things/ OR https://bit.ly/3hcE9Ci
Madewell denim jacket (size S): https://bit.ly/37kefrD OR https://bit.ly/3et3sP4

++ FRANKiE4 MiM SNEAKERS (size AU9.5): https://t.cfjump.com/8979/t/39333?Url=https%3a%2f%2ffrankie4.com.au%2fproducts%2fmim-blonde%3fvariant%3d30103012507761
Everlane white tank
Sezane cardigan (size S/36): https://bit.ly/3atR3rU OR https://bit.ly/2T5ktWx (cotton alternative)
Everlane white skinny jeans

++ GOLDEN GOOSE SUPERSTAR SNEAKERS (size EU40): https://bit.ly/2TNoQVR OR https://bit.ly/2Re62ym OR https://bit.ly/2UFNuJE
\u0026 Other Stories black linen dress (size 36): https://bit.ly/37lOuY7

++ EVERLANE COURT SNEAKERS (size US10): https://bit.ly/37iov3I
Girlfriend Collective zip up sports bra (old style but love the paloma!): https://bit.ly/37v14EF
Girlfriend Collective leggings: https://bit.ly/3dTMLM1
\u0026 Other Stories cardigan: https://bit.ly/2LTg8Sg

++ COMMON PROJECTS LOW ACHILLES SNEAKERS (size EU39): https://bit.ly/2Vqmnm2 OR https://bit.ly/3cDoFEs OR https://bit.ly/3cSWXTQ
Free People off shoulder top (size S): https://bit.ly/2YoxOLp
Dr Denim shorts (old style/size 26): https://bit.ly/3cQpppn OR https://bit.ly/2XQwHFd

++ REEBOK CLUB C 85 SNEAKERS (size EU40): https://bit.ly/2XQPWP2 OR https://shopstyle.it/l/biGeg (AU - black leather version)
Uniqlo striped top (old/mens size S): https://bit.ly/3hjE8fN
Legoe Heritage joggers (size 0/AU8): https://bit.ly/2XRsBN3 (green)

++ ADIDAS STAN SMITH SNEAKERS (size EU40): https://bit.ly/2WmMpaY OR https://bit.ly/2SZjO9a (AU)
Everlane alpaca sweater (size S): https://bit.ly/312eYt1
Reformation skinny jeans (size 25): https://bit.ly/2U4hzTx
Mute by JL coat (size S): https://www.mutebyjl.com/collections/coats/products/19fw011-a?ref=hr24w2cbtee

++ Converse Chuck Leather Sneakers (Womens AU9): https://bit.ly/3cVe1Zg (AU) OR https://bit.ly/3cVC6it

Sezane chuck sweater (size FR36/S): https://bit.ly/30IBx5M
Thomas Sabo earrings: https://thomassabo.com.au/collections/hoop-earrings-women/products/hoop-earrings-cr636-413-39?lshst=collection
Mejuri chain necklace \u0026 pearl bracelet: http://edit.mejuri.com/mademoisellejaime
Muru Jewellery sun pendant: https://bit.ly/2R4xiiL

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Foudnation, Clinique Even Better Fresh Hydrating \u0026 Repairing Makeup, Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Contour, Clinique Cheek Pop Blush, Tarte In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette, Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen, Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow, Marc Jacobs Nude Lipstick in Eat Cake

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video. I hope you enjoyed it! Please note that some of the links used are affiliate links, which means if you choose to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. Thanks for your support! :)
JMin37 : Thanks for such detailed reviews! I’m so excited for the continuation of this series.

I was tempted by Golden Goose in the past, but now that you’ve shared the fit, I don’t think it’s worth it As I’ve got narrow feet. They look so great with the maxi dress you paired them with! I’m going to stick to my beloved Lacoste Straightset. Strangely I realised my two pairs are VERY different in comfort and construction. The newer pair I paid full price for has a harder insole, and somehow marks more. Very odd even though they’re the same shoe as my original pair. Have you ever noticed that, or you don’t have double pairs of shoes?
Dan : Hi, Jamie! I enjoy quirky shoes, so I bought the Adidas in baby blue croc-embossed leather. You're right, they're really good when you have wide feet.
Kimberly Perrotis : Thanks for doing all the homework for us! I also feel like I have wide toes, although at my recent measuring at Nordstrom showed that my feet are only a US “C” width, or medium, and this review is very helpful. I have a lot of trouble finding comfortable sneakers; most manufacturers make a very tight toebox to make the shoe more slender-looking. If you someday update your sneaker review, I would love it if you would also add breathability to your criteria.
The Midlife Gallivanters : I love my Stan Smith Adidas. I tend to tuck the laces into my shoe. I also have wide feet and find these so comfortable. My Vejas have still not become comfortable and I’ve worn them about 15 times. I did have a total foot reconstruction in November last year, so that plays a part in my discomfort as I also find the leather unyielding. I have a pair of Converse Breakpoint sneakers in the Natural suede which are amazingly comfortable. I also adore my Supergas. I’ve found them great for my wide feet. They’re a canvas pair. Of course, my Vans classic in the black, are super comfy too (Belinda)
Kayla Lahti : I finally got my own pair of Veja Esplars, and I love them! I got a pair in the "chrome-free" leather, which I HIGHLY recommend. It's so much softer than the regular Veja leather. The tongue was soft right out of the box. The shoes still required a bit of breaking in, but no blisters or pain at least on my feet. And I had no discomfort from the tongue wearing low cut socks. I read an interview with one of the Veja founders and they said they've realized that customers don't necessarily want sneakers that require beaking in like men's dress shoes. So just speculating that this might be why they are starting to use some softer types of leather.

3만원대 바지하울 바지맛집 쇼핑몰? / 핏 예쁜 바지 추천, 와이드팬츠, 일자팬츠, 스키니진, 코튼팬츠, 마른체형 바지 | Minjeong Park

Instagram @votrechaleur

#바지하울 #바지추천 #청바지코디

* 이 영상은 유료광고를 포함하지 않습니다.

❥ 어텀 에어롱핏 데님팬츠
중청 XS, 딥그레이 XS / 31,000원

❥ 윈터기모 생지데님팬츠
XS / 39,800원

❥ 다크톤 블랙데님스키니
블랙 S / 34,900원

❥ 토즈 다크그레이시 슬림스키니
애쉬딥블루 S / 33,000원

❥ 토즈 스톤애쉬블루 슬림스키니
XS / 33,000원

❥ 랜드 일자핏 기모코튼팬츠
크림 XS / 33,000원
Minjeong Park : 제 키는 160cm입니다!
밍들레 알러부 좋은 주말 보내
ss2 887 : 오잉 평소에 자주 구매하던 브랜드가 나오니까 신기해요..!!! 밍들레 의견 이백퍼센투 수렴하는 민졍님 최고
banana joe : Korean stores are superior but it's so hard to ship to Europe :((
And for example with jeans it's so important to try them on at the store.
Could you please do a haul on international stores like Zara, h&m, pull&bear, uniqlo, cheap monday and similar ones so that overseas fans can learn something
I loooove your style so much thanks for the video <3
Ps where's your shirt from? Have a great day my love
동백 : 밀리언코르 바지들도 괜찮더라구요 민죰언니!! 솔직하게 리뷰해줘서 감사해요 진짜 요즘 바지없어서 자주 찾아보는중인데 완전 유익ㄱ해~♥️♥️♥️ 또 요즘 올영 할인중이라서 클리오 프로 아이팔레트 살려고 하는데 12호 살지 13호 살지 완전 고민이예요 ㅠ 저도 여쿨같아서 13호 사고싶으면서도 눈에 아른거리는 12호....ㅎ..... 나중에 겨울메컵하면서 팔레트 추천해주세요! 손민수할거야>0루키 : 진심 민정님 덕분에 허리 꼭 맞는 바지들 알 수 있어요ㅜㅜ항상 예쁜 바지 찾아보면 허리단면 32cm부터여서 못 샀거든요..그러다 저번에 플라이모델에서 진짜 딱 맞고 예쁜 바지 민정님덕에 알아서 열심히 입고 다닌답니다!! 사실 영상 보기 전에 너무 반가워서 글 쓰는거라 영상 빨리 보러갈게요 슝슝




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